• Vulnerability Remediation

  • Cloud based assets are not free from vulnerabilities. You are still responsible for the security of your web applications, server operating systems, and configurations.

  • Web Application Vulnerabilities

    AntiCrysys can assess and identify vulnerabilities in your web applications that could allow an attacker compromise your systems and data. This includes web application functionality, features, and configuration.

  • Cloud Configuration Vulnerabilities

    A misconfiguration of a cloud based service, permission, or security rule can allow attackers to compromise your cloud assets. AntiCrysys can assess your cloud based configurations for common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to a security incident.

  • Operating System Vulnerabilities

    Assets in the cloud still require operating systems in most cases. In the case of virtual servers, you are responsible for applying patches, updates, and configurations. We can assist you in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities for these cloud assets.