• Virtual CISO

  • The most important part of an information security program is making sure that someone is responsible for security. Security is more than firewalls, anti-virus, and technical controls. You need someone that understands compliance, risk, threats, data governance, and how to gather organizational feedback and implement security in such a way that it does not hinder the organization from effectively conducting business.


  • Enterprise Risk Management

    As your CISO and trusted advisor for security we understand that security must understand risk in context for the entire organization. This often means working with HR, Legal, Risk, and Compliance departments to ensure that the best approach to security is taken.

    We are accustomed to dealing with e-Discovery, vendor management, compliance regulations, audits, risk assessments, and reporting to the board. 

  • Policy and Procedure

    Policy is the best security no money can buy. Policy is the foundation of which your security program is built and is your first line of defense against bad things happening. The problem is organizations fail to maintain and update adequate policies which results in increased risk.

    We work with organizations to develop policies that reduce risk, meet contractual requirements, compliance requirements, and legal requirements. Using this method we are able to create compliance by design and a security aware culture.

  • Data Governance

    Data Governance is one of the most difficult aspects of and effective information security program. The identification and categorization of data within and organization can be overwhelming and it's difficult to determine where to get started.

    We work with your organization to effectively achieve the goals of your data governance program which results in benefits such as data loss prevention and detection, breach prevention, unauthorized access, intellectual property theft, and data retention policy requirements.