• What we do for Our Clients

  • Post Breach Crisis Management

    Our post breach crisis management clients are organizations that have been victims of ransomware attacks, security breaches, malicious insiders or other incidents that may have resulted in:

    • Financial loss
    • Significant interruption to business operations
    • Loss of trust in your security team
    • Penalties and fines
    • Loss of consumer confidence
    • Exposure of client data
    • Bad publicity

    We take on a limited number of clients per year that are committed to establishing or rebuilding their information security programs and maturing those programs to better protect the organization.

    Security Maturity Assessments

    The clients we perform security maturity assessments for are looking to get a better understanding of how effective their information security programs are. We also help our clients prepare a roadmap for maturing their information security programs.

    Virtual CISO

    Our clients understand that one of the most important things you can do for security is place a dedicated person in charge of it. Acting as your virtual CISO we can help guide your information security program to ensure your data is secure, you remain compliant with regulations, and protect against a breach.

    Incident Response Planning and Testing

    We work with clients that need precise plans, run books, and method to deal with ransomware attacks, breaches, and other incidents. The clients we work with are heavily invested in protecting their networks, data, and systems from attacks such as these.

    It’s not enough to have a plan, you need to test that plan regularly to identify any needed updates, process changes, and potential policy changes. Our incident response testing methods help your team train like they will react during an actual incident. This “train like you fight” approach to incident response gives your team the edge against an adversary.

    Digital Forensics and e-Discovery

    We provide digital forensics services for intellectual property cases, intrusions, cloud based forensics, and many other digital forensic needs. Our clients come to us when they need to connect cause and effect from a digital forensics perspective that relates to network activity and the related systems.