• Data Exfiltration Assessment

  • Data exfiltration is usually what defines a network breach. You would be surprised how easy it is at most organizations to access and exfiltrate their data without them being aware for months. You read about it in the headlines all the time, companies are being breached almost weekly. What would happen to your company if your customer data was leaked out? How about your intellectual property, trade secrets, and other research data? Losing that data can put a company out of business. It's extremely important to have data loss prevention measures in place.

  • Identifying Sensitive Data

    We help you identify sensitive data you should be monitoring for unauthorized access and exfiltration. This data may be customer information, PCI, HIPAA, intellectual property, trade secrets, or other data subject to compliance and regulations. Once we identify the data we then test if it can be exfiltrated by using similar data formats. These methods involve attempting to bypass endpoint protections, email servers, firewalls, and data loss prevention protections already in place. 

  • Safeguard and Defend Your Data

    After a data exfiltration assessment we will have identified where data can leak out of your company and how to prevent it. These preventive measures may include tuning your existing security controls, or looking at new ways to detect and prevent data from being exfiltrated.

  • Cost Benefit

    When a breach occurs it's very expensive to a company. The costs can include investigation and forensics, public relations, reputation, fines, loss of business, loss of inventory, and many other losses that may not be realized until years later. When you weigh these costs versus the cost of periodic data exfiltration assessments, you'll realize the savings can be exponential.