• Cloud Environment Incident Response

  • AntiCrysys can expand your incident response capabilities. We work with organizations that have experienced intellectual property theft, insider threats, financial crime, ransomware and misconfigurations that have lead to a breach.

  • Evidence Collection and Analysis

    AntiCrysys starts by finding the digital footprints of of the attacker to determine what resources they have gained access to. The log collection and evidence acquisition process is key to understanding the full scope of the incident.

  • Containment and Removal

    The next step is to isolate the intruder so the removal process can begin. This helps ensure the attacker does not move to other assets, gain additional access, and limits the impact.

  • Recovery and Restoring Operations

    When the threat has been cleared, AntiCrysys works with you to address the vulnerability that lead to the incident, secure the environment, and fully recover business operations.

  • Strategic Reccomendations

    To better secure your cloud based assets, AntiCrysys will assist you in developing a strategic plan to prevent future incidents from happening. These plans look at factors such as incident response plans, security frameworks, maturity frameworks, and architecture reviews.